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Welcome to Wiki-Joke beta Start adding Jokes

Since we have not seen any new jokes posted since the project started and because of large amounts of span we a re considering closing down wiki-joke if any real humans have interest in keeping this webpage alive post something below I will close down this webpage if no responses are received

Wiki-Joke plans to be archive every joke on every topic. Wiki-Joke has information on every type of joke:one-liners,pickup-lines,Memes,nerdy-jokes,etc... We are still in beta and we need lots of more users to post jokes. Wiki-Joke also has a app on the google play store. Wiki-Joke app on google play

Q:How is this different from any other joke site online?

A:Now,with wiki-joke you can search anything and get an organized list of jokes from or about it. Also you can add your own jokes too.

To be a essential user and part of the Wiki-Joke community please post jokes to enhance the site

If you have any problem contributing jokes please start a discussion on this page.

  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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